This past week, beautiful spring trees have been blossoming.  One day, I drove around the neighborhood looking for the perfect magnolia tree to photograph (on public land) but to no avail.  And then it rained and I thought there goes the blossoms on some of those gorgeous trees.

Two days later, I needed to purchase something from the nearest religious gift shop which was located at the Shrine of St. Joseph, a lovely piece of land with a chapel on top of a hill with splendid views of the valley. As soon as I got out of the car, I saw it – an absolutely gorgeous magnolia tree.  I rushed into the gift shop, purchased my item, jumped back into my car and went home to grab my camera.  By the time I got back  I was still happy that the lighting didn’t change much. When I got close to the tree, I was glad I didn’t wait another day since the blossoms were starting to fade and turn a little brown.  But the lovely tree didn’t disappoint with her luscious petals and her delicate color.  I was enthralled as I stood  beneath her lovely branches and looked up.  I was looking up into a sea of gentle and elegant sloping branches brimming with these exquisite pink blooms.  She was posing for me, this lovely, dainty, but showy lady.   She had a dashing beau up above her, the brilliant blue sky.

This post is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Up