Where words fail, music speaks.
― Hans Christian Andersen

All my life, I have been surrounded by music. My father especially loved music. I remember his extensive classical music record collection and how he boasted about knowing Van Cliburn, the famous pianist. His sister, my aunt, was a professional soloist. I have fond memories of her singing her daily scales, reaching notes that I could never hit. My mom’s sister was an accomplished pianist who taught at a distinguished music school in California.

Ever since I can remember, I loved to sing. I was a pretty quiet kid but I could express myself through song. Music was the language of my soul. It was and still is a way I can express what is deep within my heart.

My kids have inherited that same gift of music, not only through my family but also through my husband’s. Over the years, my children’s interest in music has led us to collect quite a number of instruments including our baby grand piano (which was a gift – long story for another post!).

The piano is the treasure of our home. Not only is it a beautiful piece of art, but from it my daughters play beautiful music. More than once, have I been moved to tears as I listened to the voice of my daughter’s heart expressing itself through those keys.

Music is an incredible gift. The language of music is understood all over the world. Music has great power. Music can move the coldest heart and calm the frightened soul.

In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism, skepticism and humbug, and we shall want to live more musically.
― Vincent van Gogh

Today I am grateful for music.

This is day 15 of my 21-Day Gratitude Challenge.