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A Heavenly Message

Last week, my husband visited his dad and brought home some beautiful peonies from his mother's garden. Sadly, his mom passed away this past February. Not only was she a wonderful mother-in-law, she was one of my dearest friends. So... Continue Reading →

The Hospital Chapel

I never really liked chapels in hospitals.  I always felt that they were too generic.  Whenever I went by an entrance to one I would peek inside and would think that it looked just like any other room in the... Continue Reading →

Thinking in Blog

I'm new to the blogging world, having just started this past February.  During these past few weeks, I have encountered a new habit of thought.  Oftentimes, I find myself thinking in blog.  I assume that this is commonplace among writers... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

When I thought of the word "forward" and a picture to go with it, I thought of one that I took of my husband on a beautiful fall day last year. This photo evokes many thoughts and feelings within me.... Continue Reading →

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