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Thankful Thursday: The Gift of Children

Last weekend, some friends of mine asked me to take pictures of their twin son and daughter's Christening. I warned them that I am better at taking pictures of flowers than people but they laughed and asked me anyway. So... Continue Reading →

Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Graduates, Mother of Nine

  If they haven't figured it out already, people who think I am super organized and the epitome of peace will soon find out that I am quite the least for the next two months. I have two graduates... Continue Reading →

A New Perspective For Moms

Today, I came across this inspiring video made by Elevation Church. The video interviews different moms. Each of them are asked to describe themselves as mothers. We as mothers often face doubts about the way we raise our kids. I... Continue Reading →

How do I do it?

I have nine kids. I usually don't volunteer that information when I am out and about because the next thing a person usually asks me is "How do you do it?" and then the focus is all on me.  When my... Continue Reading →

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